Thursday, March 15, 2007


Tomorrow off on vaction I go. I am bringing some knitting along to do on the plane and as I wait in the airport and in line at Disney. I do still have to pack and get everything else ready to leave. Am excited to get somewhere warm!
I have heard rumblings from others who shall remain nameless that no one has posted to the blog recently so here it is miss princess pick and click. Now it is your turn to post something! You have yet to post you have just responded.
Am so looking forward to the yarn trip at the end of the month. I will start my yarn list while I am away and will plan all sorts of things to start and not finish. That way I will still live up to my name chief half sweater.
Have a wonderful Spring Break everyone!!!!!!


CB said...

Ahh some where warm. I am so incredibly jealous. think of us here at home knitting in the cold. I can’t wait until we travel again. Even if it is just the cities!! Have a lovely trip my dear. See you soon.

CT said...

NK you have a blast on your trip. Yes, you will be somewhere warm, I am so very jealous. Perhaps the guild should plan a warm weather get away some year. We will be thinking of you.