Sunday, March 04, 2007

Adventure within an adventure

Yes, NK and I are home safely from our crazy trip to Madison. I truly believed that once we finally made it to Madison, there would be "little men with white coats" waiting for us, because Lord knows we were CRAZY to drive down in that storm. But we made it safely there and back and have lovely memories from our hockey adventure. The best part while in Madison was the yarn adventure. NK and I scoped out Lakeside Fibers which, is the yarn store I have always wanted. It had beautiful yarn, was charming in itself and contained a coffee shop. How cool is that to be able to sit in a room full of yarn, knit with friends and drink coffee?!! When the Guild opens our yarn store it will have a coffee shop. We went to a 2nd store and it was full of snooty people. Again, when we open our yarn store, there will be a coffee shop and no snooty people.
I only knit a tiny bit while in Madison, my knitting elbow hurt from the white knuckle grip I had on the steering wheel, so my progress on the green top down was limited. I did finish my color block mittens (which received mixed reviews from all the teens).
See you guys on Wednesday if not before.

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