Friday, March 09, 2007


Well that is much better, I went to "blog" as they say and I was locked out of the blog. But thanks to CB our tech support person, here I am again. What a busy week! Between the parent on the warpath for me, conferences and church it was a busy week. But thankfully the weekend is here. GBT (She who picks and clicks) in on her way home for spring break. I am excited to see her, she is bringing her friend Kim for the week, so that should be fun.
I think the Guild needs to always adhere to Sect 2 of our bylaws ( Sect. 2.2 No ice cream left behind) The Wednesday night post church Culver's run is a must in my opnion.
Based on Guild advice I have started one sleeve of the green top down. I will be knitting that when I retire. I did get an order for Fair Isle mittens. That always makes me feel good.
I hope the entire Guild has a good weekend!

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