Sunday, September 30, 2007

A good weekend for ducks and knitters

Can you say rain, rain and more rain. All we had to do today was to say the word "boat" and the sun went away, the clouds came and then the rain. Our German student must think Wisconsin is the wettest state in the union.
As for me, I knit. I knit on the ^#* mittens yesterday while watching the Badgers squeak one out. I finished them up today, they are as ugly as we thought they would be. I still have to knit the ^#* hat from the ^#* yarn. Pray for me, please. Today during the Packer game I worked on the teddy bear (or half) sweater. I am through phase one, ready to enter "a new set of rounds" according to the pattern. I now know why it took NK so long to knit this sweater. It is easy enough, but lots and lots of stitches.
I have my sock yarn, pattern, needles all set to go for tomorrow....the "Socks in the City" knit a long. I can't wait. Good thing I did not listen to myself when I said the pair of socks I just finished was my last pair ever. Ready set knit!

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ASJ said...

Yeah, I keep extending the "this is my last sock ever" thing too. Hmmmm.....must have something to do with the fun nature of sock yarn.