Wednesday, September 05, 2007

2nd First Day

So today was the 2nd first day of school. For EC schools only grades 6,7,8 and 9 actually had to go to school yesterday. For the Guild members who had 9th graders it was an exciting day. I was able to touch base with all 3 and they seemed to be off to a good start. Today was the actual first day for the rest of the clan(all but one guild child is at Memorial). I saw MJ in the lunch room,I have lunch duty this year :( , she was looking for her friends. She did find them, so all was not as bad as it seemed. KK2 came to visit me, how sweet is that? MB and MMT seemed fine at lunch all tucked into their groups of friends--eating and chatting. So as far as lunch and the social aspects go, all seems to being going well. ZT stopped by 3 times, other than getting whacked in the shoulder first thing this morning, he had a good day.
As for me, I am exhausted. This working thing is hard work. My 9th grade classes are 30 each and my civics classes are 25 each, so very manageable. It is just my schedule. I don't get a break until my lunch at 12:20, by that time today I was a wreck.
If I get up the energy tonight I will continue on my purple and white mittens, so they are almost done for Purly Gates tomorrow night, it will be so sad to say good bye to Pastor Mary. She taught me to knit and here I am in the Guild and obsessed with knitting.
How many days until the Island?

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ASJ said...

Yeah, how many days until the Island? I have to get it on my calendar...........I am so stinkin' busy!