Saturday, September 22, 2007

Happy Dogs are Here Again

It's high time I contributed a little to this blog, or I will soon get the big boot. I have spent this past week knitting fair isle mittens..... with my dogs happily by my side. They love it when I knit, and stay in one location. They happily chew on their bones, sleep, play, chew some more, and then sleep some more. Of course they know that they must be supportive of knitting, because little dog, Joey, is responsible for eating the thumb off of one of mar-j's mittens. I nearly cried, and then almost killed the dog, but we're ok now that the replacement is completed. I tried fixing the one he partially ate, but it ended up with a big tumor-like lump on it, which was unacceptable to the wearer. So, the dogs have learned not to eat anything yarn-related, and to be quite supportive of all yarn ventures. They are almost as supportive of knitting as the K dogs. But the K dogs like to have a little snack now and again, and mine know better.


CT said...

Ah yes, dogs and knitting. One of ours is content to sleep 23 hours a day, no matter where he is or what you are doing, he can find a spot to curl up and sleep. The other one, the terrorist dog, likes to jump up mid-stitch, to make sure you know how much he loves you. He is even more loving if you try to read. Lovely hound, just lovely.

CB said...

Hey, I am the only one with only one dog. I'll pass on the second. Sadie Blue is a larger dog and takes up the space of two! She does however have a fondness of wooden double points and wound yarn in a ball like shape.

Nancy said...

The K dogs do love it when the guild comes to knit and give them some needed attention, because you know they get none at home. Thanks for giving them all the love they need and the prayers for santana have helped tons. I do beleive that she has come back from the dead!