Sunday, September 16, 2007

What a beautiful day!

The Packers won, the sun is shining, what a beautiful day. It is too bad it is a Sunday, which means back to work and the craziness on Monday. Homecoming week, should be even crazier than usual.
Despite all the running around last week, I did find time to finish the purple and white mittens for MMT's carpool driver. The swim team has this great system of upperclassmen giving underclassmen rides. I never have to worry or wait for a phone call. A very nice senior picks her up and drops her off every time there is anything to do with swim. In addition to the gas money I have given this nice girl, I decided to make her some mittens. Just this week, coach said all swimmers must wear close toed shoes, hat and mittens if the temp is below 50 degrees. As I was finishing the mittens it made me try to think of how many pairs of fair isle mittens I have made.... I think it is 14 pairs. (I did finally make a pair for myself this summer, but forgot to photograph them, also I did not photograph the ones I just gave away--oops). I guess that makes me a mitten knitter.
Have a great week guild girls.

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CB said...

you are a mitten knitter extraordinaire!