Thursday, September 27, 2007

Miss Blue

This is for Bead Slut. Because she posts photos of Odin for me and I don't want her thinking I am a dog stalker (but his paws are huge!).

Please meet "Miss Sadie Blue Beck." She is attracted to wound yarn that resemble balls. Is also attracted to wooden knitting needles that resemble sticks. I have been fortunate, she has only chewed up (beyond recognition) one size three needle. And truthfully the only yarn she totally messed up on me was some white cotton I had bought for a class. She is a good girl (albeit a bit protective). Part blue tick and part beagle. Does not like small furry creatures that dare to cross our lawn. Does not like unknown people (any strangers at all) encroaching on her people's lawn or driveway (ie don't walk by, she will bark at you like a banshee). Otherwise is most good natured and very loving. The Girl has Miss Blue sleep with her . . . she knows Sadie will let no harm come to her. Awww.

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