Wednesday, October 03, 2007

I Did it Again!

Yes, I did it again! I knit 2 Right hand mittens! Can you believe it! One would think a person could learn from previous mistakes, but apparently, there is no extra room for growth in this sad and sorry brain. For a brief moment, I thought of ripping out the second rh mitten, but I am so trying to get a new knitting name.........not being very successful am I? So, now I have 2 right hand fair isle mittens, and no left hand mittens, and I have run out of white Cascade 220, with lys having none in stock. Anyone up for a quick trip to Roberts? I do like the Cascade 220 for the fair isle mittens, as it knits a more substantial mitten, and is a bit larger. But, being a proficient right hand mitten knitter (or knitten mitter), does have its challenges, namely that I now need to find friends who have only right hands.


CT said...

Oh AJ, you make me giggle. That is too funny.

CB said...

Too funny! Well I guess you could dump us as friends and find right handed amputees to hang with. I personally would knit the left handed mittens. :-)