Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Too tired to knit? I think so

CB asked the question, how tired do you have to be to skip going out after the football game? (a great tradition if I do say so myself--next to the ribs and porn parties) I have a better question--how tired do you have to be to fall asleep while knitting? I was excited this afternoon, first, I am home alone in the peace and quiet for 3 hours after school and second, I don't have ANYWHERE to go tonight. I sat down on the couch to knit for a bit and woke up when the phone rang. I fell asleep while knitting. Yikes that is scary, I could have snapped a needle!
This week will be another fun filled week,
Monday: Back to school night
Wednesday: church
Thursday: pasta feed and swim meet
Friday: football game
With all this activity, when is a girl going to find time to knit? I have to finish the thumbs on the mittens, I am to the heel of the sock and row 4 of the teddy bear sweater (that one will take a while I think). So much to knit, so little time.
Again I ask, how many days until the Island?


CB said...

270 days, give or take, depending on when we go. Which really only depressed me more, too far away. You fell asleep knitting? Oh my . . . we need another guild meeting.

ASJ said...

Oh my you are waaaaay too tired. I fall asleep while knitting frequently, but it is just a "little" later than that. Ok girls, let's not get depressed about how long until the Island....I want to know how long until the yarn hop!