Friday, August 31, 2007

Labor Day weekend

Labor Day weekend! The traditional end to the summer, and what a great summer it was. The Island (tornado and all) Toad Lake,Mojito guild meetings, yarn runs to Roberts, but now back to school. This school year is already off to a rocky start. First there was the injury to the boy. In the blink of an eye his whole senior year of high school changed. My heart aches for him. His surgery went great on Tuesday, he opted not to have the nerve block, but seemed to bear the extra pain well. We had one rough night, but since then things have been on the mend. We had his post op appointment on Thursday, we got to see pictures of the surgery (this made me light headed and woozie). The dr again stressed how the boy had made the right choice to have the surgery now and not risk further injury. But the road through rehab will be long, he does not even start PT until October!
With the surgery and mom duties, I missed 1 1/2 days of our 3 days of in-service. I did go in early to do all sorts of stuff, but there is always more to do than I remember. I struggled with getting my first 2 weeks of lessons organized yesterday. I pulled out last years lesson plan book, to find my second day lesson plan for civics said "group activity" What does that mean? Two hours later I had my files out, organized, brain engaged and I am about 25% certain I can do this( I go through this every year--crazy I know). I had to call a colleague last night in a panic over which staff shirt we needed to wear which day. So much for the "first day of school" outfit I bought a couple of weeks ago. But soon (way too soon) I will be back in the grips of working full time. (How do non teachers do it? I know I should not whine, but I am a whiner, what can I say?)

While the boy was in surgery I knit. I worked on the sock off and on, but sometimes the light was not so good in the pre op room and hallway, but I muddled through. In the family waiting room (which at Luther is a misnomer---big old public waiting room in a high traffic area) I worked on the purple/white mitten for MMT's carpool buddy. Several older ladies commented on my knitting and that is was beautiful as they picked up their crochet hooks and started a baby afghan! (ok, that was mean). I have been having trouble with my right thumb, wrist, elbow and shoulder while I have been knitting lately, I have 2 theories, 1--golf. The husband and I went golfing over the weekend (NK I know I should not do that) and 2 sympathy pains for the boy. Either way, I have had to pace myself in the knitting this week. One mitten is done and the other a few rows into the cuff, I could not knit last night after the pasta feed, I opted for beer (technically beers---I had more that one). But I will get back after it.

Finally, thank you, thank you, thank you to the guild for all your kindness this week. Your prayers for the boy were very much appreciated, your yummy food has been a godsend and just knowing you are there is comforting. What in the world did I do before the guild? How did I survive?
Have a good weekend girls, guild meeting at Culver's next time---- my treat!

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CB said...

You are more than welcome for the food and prayes. That's what friends are for!