Friday, January 26, 2007

Too tired to knit!?!

What you say? Too tired to knit, what is up with that? This is the one time of year I do not (repeat do not) like my job. Two days of finals and the sudden rush to get everything done, puts me right over the edge. I would give anything to have a work day. I think it would benefit the teachers as well as the kids. With the big dance this weekend, the kids are all stressed too. But alas, we have no work day, so I will just muddle through. Perhaps I will use knitting as a reward, grade 10 papers and knit for 10 minutes.....humm the idea has merit. At least I have the Guild social to look forward to tonight. 6pm--be there or be square!

MHS knitting club updated: Everyone is working on a purse. Some are making felted bags and some are working with speciality yarn. Some of the girls (the ones from Thailand) learned how to make the multidirectional scarf. They were very impressed with that little trick. Teaching someonewho does not speak English to knit in the front and the back was a bit of a trick!

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