Friday, January 19, 2007


So last week NK went and had her hair cut. CT on Monday. Me, I am going tonight because I can take it no longer. Off with her hair!! I figure if I don't like it, I can blame it on Nancy, she started the whole domino thing. I manage to get out last night and pick up a lovely shade of golden brown so most of the gray is gone. Notice I said most. ASJ, apparently you need to make an appointment . . .

Knitting . . . well that cardigan is coming along just fine, thank you very much! It will be traveling to NK's for the guild meeting on scrap yarn. I shall be requesting input from the chicks. I am at this point cautiously optimistic. CT (She Who Knit's Like the Wind) is already on her third top down. She has left me in the dust.

We did have a knitting field trip this week. Yours Truly came home with nothing (they were all out of Katmandu). Unbelievable but true. It is rather sad that one of the LYS is closing. Even more depressing is the fact the yarn was 40% and I came home with none. CT got a rather nice stash and was purchasing with NK's wild abandon (it was difficult for her), ASJ also came away with a basket full of yarn. NK too had yarn, and then went back the next day for more. Well will be swifting for hours! What fun . . . I can't wait.

All is not all is lost for me. The field trip in February will place me squarely in front of a wall of Koigu. Be still my heart! I can't wait. Sock yarn heaven!

My photo for the day. My great Aunt Helen was a knitter! Who knew! I was so excited to see this. I having it hanging right where I can see it all day long. Aunt Helen is in the front row, left side, in the white dress with a Peter Pan collar. Knitting what appears to be a scarf! This was taken when they still taught knitting in schools, I believe some time in the very early 1900's, maybe 1912 or so. Isn't she cute.

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CT said...

Your aunt is cute, it makes me wish I had a picture of my grandmother knitting, or any of her knitting stuff.
I finished my sock at the swim meet last night. I am planning on buying some better sock yarn on our field trip. I think I would like to knit socks more if I had better yarn. Or maybe I am just not a sock knitter.