Friday, January 12, 2007

I would rather be knitting!

It seems like a no brainer, but so much of our daily lives takes away from the one thing that is really meaningful, knitting. GBT will be heading back to school after a 3 week break. Originally, I thought, what a short break, I wish she could be home longer. Now, I am at peace with the idea of her heading back to the UP. Perhaps I have had some sort of "mom moment". Yes, I will miss her and yes, I have enjoyed our time together, but I am ready for hurricane g to go back to her dorm room. Her room (any room that she is in for that matter) looks something like New Orleans post Katrina. Plus the additional stress of keeping track of 3 schedules and 4 people who all seem to think they need a car, is just too much for one mom. MMT (forced by mom) made a New Year's resolution to try to keep her smart mouth closed a bit more in 2007. So far, not so much. This too adds stress to my life, one never knows what will come out, sugar or spice. The boy, now this one is giving me gray hair faster than Clairol #5G can keep up. How hard is it to be on time? Seems simple enough, but not for the boy.
All I want to do is knit, but the job (each day filled with 150 teenagers), the house, the kids activities and the dogs keep my butt from settling in on the couch for a good long session of knitting. Oprah does shows on everything from pizza to child abuse, she needs to do a show on how to organize your life so you have more time for knitting!
Ok, I have vented now, instead of knitting I am off to work the basketball game, why? I have no idea.
See you guys on Sunday, I promise to be in a good mood


GBT said...

Hurricane G? Yeah well... you raised me, and gave me these hurricane genes. JK LOL MOM! I will miss you very much and will keep you updated on my knitting in Ho Town!

CB said...

Yep, I agree. Hope you got the papers all graded. Guild meeting, can't wait. I need to decompress. See you soon!

Dixie, Yellow Dog Knitting said...

Hey Cindy
check it out, you can get yarn and needles for the school knitting group. It's a great organization that is sponsored by the TNNA (The National Needlearts Association)
Very easy to get stuff from them. They are anxious to help any school program.

Dixie at the Yellow Dog