Monday, January 15, 2007

Knitting Accomplished

I was a knitting fiend last week. After I saw the pics of all the Guild projects, I looked at my many 1/2 knitted projects ('s a problem) and thought: "self, get your butt in gear and finish the stupid projects". So, I did, and CB said that she'd take a picture of all the lovely stuff and post it on the blog. Whoa! The mittens were supposed to be finished by Christmas (present that got slightly delayed), the slippers are for my Adam boy, and the scarf, well, I wanted to make that multi-directional one, so I bought the yarn last summer on the Y-turn adventure (bogo!), but I didn't buy enough, and I ran out of yarn, so I just had to make it a small neck warmer. I did love making it though, so I'm sure I'll do another one just for fun. Now that I've got some things finished, I'm going to bring the Smile sweater out of hiding.

On Saturday I went to the Winter Farmer's Market and found a new yarn vendor from Boyd. She's a cute sheep farmer and the yarn was so smooth and happy - obviously from happy sheep. She said that she sells her yarn out of her home too, and would welcome the Guild. I'm thinking spring Field Trip!!! Get your galoshes and go Guild!

It's a snow day today, so everyone in my house is happy happy happt. There's no day like a snow day!!! Oh yes.


CT said...

I loved the mittens yesterday and the cool scarf. I have never knit on Noro, but they way you guys go on about it, I must get with the program and buy some.
I am enjoying my snow day, for once the superintendent did his job! Back to my sweater!

Nancy said...

Go ASJ!!!! Now I shall work on finishing my projects and will take photos of them also. Just have 2 1/2 sweaters, and 3 different socks. Soon I will finish it all so that I can start something new.