Tuesday, January 30, 2007


So knitting backwards is supposed to be faster? I don't know, I was having flashbacks to the classes when we were learning to knit. Trying to hold the yarn, remember where to wrap the yarn around, hang on to the needles and complete the stitch. I am not 100% sure I can do this. I think my bandage will be knit the old fashioned way. MMT is working on a bandage. I made her rip it out, it was 30 inches long, but 8 inches wide. That would have been for the world's largest leper. So we ripped it out and started over on Saturday. The bandage is all ready 42 inches long, so I think knitting frontwards is fast enough for MMT and I.

It was nice to see the Guild last night, always fun to get together for good old fashioned knitting.


GBT said...

Mom? To the dark side with knitting backwards? Shame! And I'm also confused on what was wrong with Marit's bandaid, how long is it now? Todoay I had to buy some yarn for a Winter Carnical project, and WALMART was the only place to go. I'm going to go lie down...

Nancy said...

Hope you are feeling better after having to purchase yarn at WALMART. We all must suffer sometimes and get the yarn where ever we can. Backwards knitting is different and we all shall continue on trying hopefully.