Saturday, January 06, 2007


We have been waiting to post to the blog until I took the picture of the mittens. GBT is delivering the cable flip mittens to the bf today, and if I get up my nerve I will felt the cool green mittens today. The fair isle mittens are for a friend for her birthday, but now she will see them and the surprise will be lost. Oh well, I will probably forget I knit them before her birthday, I have been known to do that.

GBT is still swollen, but Dr. Dave gave her a little pep talk and she began to perk up. She drove to Tomah today to see the bf. Apparently his mom raises sheep.....I may like this boy! We got fantastic news yesterday. She made the deans list! I think that is very cool for a first semester at an engineering school. (3.67 GPA!)

I wish I were either knitting or at Threade Bear. I can't bear the thought of A) other people buying yarn on sale; B) Threade Bear going out of business. Perhaps if I were to work on the socks I cast on last night, I would feel better. But today is pantry renovation, so no knitting time until that is done.
Ok I have bad news, while sitting around watching football, I cast on a green top down sweater. I could not help myself.


CB said...

Wow. Awesome mittens! Love the green, and the black and purple fairisle (do you have enough black yarn) and GT, superb job on the brown cabled mittens. She the BF's mother has sheep. Sounds like a field trip to me! See you tomorrow.

Jane said...

I love the mittens! I'm glad to have found the blog. It will be how I start my morning along with my coffee and knitting in hand. You never know who you might meet when kids start dating. Hope to see you soon.

Nancy said...

You are both talented mitten knitters. I on the other hand can only knit 1/2 of a pair. someday I will finish a whole project.