Monday, January 08, 2007

The Guild

Ok, so it is 5th hour today and I have 2 of the guild members daughters in class. We are trying to have a meaningful conversation about knitting and The Island. We (the girls and I) were chatting back and forth about knitting and how much time the guild expends on this activity. Whether it is shopping for yarn, planning project, sharing project, talking about anything at all as long as we are together (according to the girls, we call this a guild meeting). The conversation then moved to THE ISLAND and the girls are pretty sure that this is just cover for a childless and husbandless vacay. They are pretty sure that we just slip away to some unknown land (and good for us that they have no idea where we actually are-we are very clever!) to enjoy several days of peace and quiet. While we are gone, the dad's are left to parent solo. One of the dads uses this time to catch up on projects (requiring the children to help), while others are not even sure we are gone and he is in command, so the children have several days off too. (Hummm, I better work on that) One of the daughters went so far as to say that we posted some fabricated story on "our blog" about snakes just to scare people off. Can you believe that?
I say more power to the Guild for our efforts! And exactly how many days until The Island? Also when is our first planning session? How many do you think we will need? One for yarn, one for DQ stops, one for meal planning, one for daily activities (non knitting), one for project planning. One to plan the planning. Yikes! We better get started!


GBT said...

Oooo!! Thanks for giving me a second generation indian knitting name! I finished TWO projects (mittens and a scarf) recently! And I'm starting a brand new scarf today.. to use up all the left over yarn. I can't wait to tell all my friends, then they will think I am so cool!!

Nancy said...

Glad to hear that we have all the families in the dark about the "island". Kinda like going to the "lake"
Yea for finishing the projects, the things you have done while home from college!!!!!

CB said...

My Dear, if your friends think you are cool because you are on this blog and because you have an Indian Knitting name, what righteous friends you have! Way to go, have fun at TB today.