Friday, January 19, 2007

Pay it forward

About a month ago we started a knitting club at MHS. We have had great response! Yesterday I took 6 novice knitters to Hancock for supplies for a new project. It was so much fun to watch these unsuspecting novice knitters touch the yarn and get giddy with excitement over a new project (and spend more money than they had planned on spending--good news it happens to others, not just Guild members!) The girls left with the materials (although man-made- but yarn never the less) for a knitted bag. The older knitters left with materials for a bag and dishrags, and a plan to head off to other stores that sold yarn. I was like a proud parent.

Today I got brave and wore "my Igloo" to school. MMT greeted me with "I'm glad I don't have to go to school with you today!" I got lots of compliments, so I feel pretty good about my knitting right now. I wanted to go to YD after school for needles (who knew tossing a sock in a book bag could lead to broken needles??), but I decided to come home and enjoy the quiet time. I knit in the peace and quiet.

My new hairdo and I are off to the holiday party for my spouse tonight. I hope all goes well. God grant me the strength to not have one to many beverages and say something I will regret. MMT is off skiing with the middle school, the boy is at practice and then has to go to bed early because he has yet another swim meet tomorrow (that is 3 in 6 days---too many??) I am looking forward to the swifting meeting on Sunday, another chance to look at my TB purchase and dream about projects yet to come.

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