Friday, January 05, 2007

Happy New Year a little late!

Good Morning and Happy New to the Blog!

Well after much internal debate, I ripped back the sweater in question yet again. Might be time to change my knitting name. I just was not happy with it. I am much happier than I was previously however. Instead of seed stitch I have gone with a straight purl. To my eye it does not look as sloppy as the seed did (is the yarn or my aging eyes), so that's what I am going with.
Two requests however, for the "chicks."
1) Never at any time let me buy a microfiber blend, I don't care soft it is.
2) Never again let me purchase that particular color, kind of a pinky coral, I don't care if it does look good on me.

Good news! "Shear Panic," has arrived! I now have it safely tucked away for the knitting retreat. I haven't even cracked the cellophane. I will wait.

I will schedule a "chick trip" to the local LYS that is closing (quiet sobbing in the background), for the 40% week. Will get back to you soon. They still have not changed the hours on their webpage (from the Holiday Hours). I will have to call them.


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CT said...

What is up with that sweater? It is like you are jinxed or something. I am sorry you are frustrated with it. I finished the sweet green mittens (I finally got to knit something GREEN). MMT wants me to post a before and after felting photo on the blog, so I have to do that this weekend. GBT also wants to post her cable mittens, so the we will have a family post.
Counting the days to the Island, this work things really cuts into the knitting time.