Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Shhhh , , , People are sleeping

I woke up at 3:25 a.m. with a slight headache . . . slept fitfully until 4:30, and then thought to myself “screw it” and got up. Ronbo was up and getting ready for work so I might as well get up, take some Advil and get the day started.

So far so good. I did remember to take the olive oil and vanilla. The olive oil I need for Knitorious’s smashed red potatoes. I think the chicks are going to like them. The vanilla for stuffed French toast. Of course at 11:00 last night lying in bed I got up and pulled the olive oil off the shelf, because I had forgotten it. The vanilla this morning. Working all day yesterday was a mistake . . . I needed way more prep time for packing and such. (CM the bug spray and sunscreen are already there!) :-)

Ronbo washed the vehicle and filled it up. Vacuumed it out (what a sweet heart). The coolers are in the kitchen ready to be loaded. Check, check, check.

I tried to call NK last night, first she was at work, and then she was at the Express Game! CT was in Hudson at Daughter Two’s soccer game. ASJ I did not hear from, I hope she went to bed early and slept well!

My daughter was trepidatious at best about being left alone with her brothers. So she opted to go to a friend’s house and spend two nights. Ronbo will be off for a long weekend so she will come home on Friday morning. Just as long as the boys remember to let the dog out, I think we are covered.

The LYS called last night, apparently they had called sometime ago, my order was in. Unfortunately the message did not get to me. And thankfully it is not something I needed for the trip. I ordered a new needle felter. Pretty cool little tool. I already have one, but this one looks like there would be a lot less opportunity for self injury if you know what I mean!

Gotta go dry my hair! Happy Trails!

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