Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Bon Jovi

So Bon Jovi is coming to Country Jam. When I heard this I got really excited and thought, oh this year we will get tickets and go. I was jumping up and down to tell the husband about Bon Jovi coming to the big EC town. He said, oh huh. I will go if I have to. So since then I have been resigned to the fact that Bon Jovi will be in town and I won't get to see him. So today MMT and I were running some errands. I was listening to the radio, but clearly not actually listening. All of a sudden MMT rifles through my purse to find my cell phone. She hurriedly dials the number for I94, "mom I am going to win us VIP tickets for Bon Jovi!" she exclaimed. She must have dialed the number 52 times before the nice person at the radio station said " we are on the line with the winner now". I turned up the radio to hear what lucky person had won VIP tickets to Bon Jovi.
The DJ was talking to the winner and asked if she was excited to see Johnny Rivers at the No. Wisc. State Fair. Johnny Rivers! Who in their right mind would want to see Johnny Rivers??? What if we had won----Yikes. Thanks goodness crisis averted there.

Oh, right, this is a knitting blog, not a blog about my children. I have tried to work on the Koigu sock the last couple of days. The second one (which is going as slow as the first one) is striping very different than the first. I am starting to wonder if I "pulled a Harlot" and grabbed 2 different hand-painted skeins of Koigu.

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Cursing Mama said...

If I wasn't going to be going on vacation during Country Jam I'd say we should try to put together some kind of knitter party for Country Jam - what with Jon being there and all...swoon!