Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Deadliest Catch

Speaking of Sig and Edgar, yesterday NK informed it was a DC marathon on the Discovery Channel. After mowing the lawn, I settled in for a much needed knitting and rest break. How fun! Daughter #2 MMT had yet another soccer game (home thankfully) and while there lots of other parents were as excited as I was for the DC season finale! We are not the only fans---can you believe that! We dashed to Wendy's for fast food, gulped it down and drove home so we could get in place for DC. In the first 2 minutes I realized I had MISSED an episode! Last week before the big trip, I missed the episode to attend a soccer game for MMT (grrrr). Now I have to hope they rerun it and I can catch it this summer. Heaven forbid one should miss an episode of the DC.

On the knitting front, I concentrated on the sock yesterday and refelted the bag for NK to needle felt tonight at the debriefing meeting of the Guild.

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