Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Mmmm….this could be quite long! Part 1

Lot’s of ground to cover, and many photos. I am going to try to go in order.

For the last two years NK has wanted to stop in Shell Lake at the Pottery Shed. Wow! I had never been there. I had no idea what to expect. We ended up purchasing some loveley mugs to drink our morning coffee, diet coke and margaritas from. They are truly beach mugs! Each one has footprints as though they were walking in the sand, blue for the water, and purple for the lupines that were in bloom. As we were checking out, CT and were checking out a photo on the wall. CT to me "hey that looks like a Memorial jacket." Me "it is a Memorial jacket." Upon looking a little more closely at the photo, who should appear . . . the daughters of NK herself! Seems that the girls were on a field trip to the Pottery Shed and the photo was taken and placed on the wall. Unbelievable!

Pine Needles
And we are off! A quick stop in Hayward to the local DQ . . . did we mention ASJ is an ice cream addict? Yep, the petite little friend of ours stops at every DQ. What I want to know is how she keeps the weight off. Back on the road headed to Cable and our new friends at Pine Needles. This lady has a lovely store! If you are in Northern Wisconsin please stop in and see her and tell her the CHICKS sent you. CT picked up the most beautfiful Cascade 109, a bulky yarn in a gorgeous rich claret colorway.

I Hate To Purl
While traveling the mantra from the back seat from NK and CT was “I hate to purl.” Apparently purling slows NK down and she does not like that very much. CT knits like the wind so it’s not too much of a big deal for her. BTW, these two sitting together is much like having two children sitting together. It was difficult to drive I was laughing so hard.

Yarn Stops Plus
Back on the road, we stopped at Quilting Essentials in Washburn which also has YARN, and in Bayfield we stopped at the Bayfield Quilt Company (YARN)! A quick stop at Andy’s grocery in Bayfield (ASJ needed ice cream). Down the street is Harbor Wear . . . I recommend this lovely little store. The young man who runs it is a way nice person. Last year I bought a bag there (June 06), it did not hold up well at all. He told me to pick out a new one. It’s all about customer satisfaction. I will be going back!

Ronbo to the Rescue!
On the island, and I managed to get the water on but it was not behaving very well at all. If fact it was being damn difficult. I called Ronbo several times, trying to figure out what the problem was. I ended up having to turn off the pump. Grrr. I don’t camp, I cabin. And I cabin with running water thank you very much. Well Ronbo to Rescue! Ron took off Thursday, left home at 5:00 a.m., drove 180 miles, took a ferry ride, I picked him up in LaPointe. He fixed the water and was back on the ferry by 12:00 noon to go home (another 180 miles). Ronbo wins the Hero of Chicks Award. Thank you sweetheart!

We Have Scenery
Okay, so now we have running water! We are off. The sun is shinning, we are at the beach knitting! Yippee. We did find out by the end of the day the NK must be supervised when applying sunscreen. She did an absolutely shitty job of it and managed to get sunburned! The fair-haired chick was quite red by the end of the day. Hey get a load of this sunrise! Very pretty!

Wild life?
Glad you asked! Let’s see . . . Camels (1), Lamas (1), Emus (1), Ticks (10) and wait for it . . . . snakes (0)! Yeah CT. If you have read this blog at all you know our friend CT’s aversion to snakes. Trust me . . . no snakes is a very good thing. Oh, and deer, but no bears. We call the camel "Habieb," the Lama "Cascasde," and the emu (sorry he was not cooperating with the camera) "Hudson."

Deadliest Catch Knitting
Evenings were filled with great conversation and wonderful food! Way too much food, but hey, it was a vacation. Every evening was started off with a DVD of the first season of the “Deadliest Catch.” Go Northwestern. We did manage to make it thru the whole first season. Next year we are hoping to make it thru all of season two. And if Sig and Edgar would like to anchor off the beach we would not mind at all.

Okay . . . not finished but that's all for now . . . the best is yet to come!


CT said...

CB-great job on the narative on the trip. I feel like I am living the dream all over again!

Confessions of a Knitting Diva said...

Glad you had a good time and no snakes!! Yes, how does ASJ stay so thin with all that ice cream she consumes? Can't wait to hear more about the "Island".