Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Back to reality

Ok, so we are home, and it felt really good to take a shower. But there is just something about the Island. I came home to a tidy house and dinner in the crockpot. I also came home to all my children out and about doing their own thing. I truly enjoyed the couple of hours I had home alone before reality really set in. Back to being a mom and wife. Thankfully, I don't have to return to the world of work (sorry NK and CB). I even knit a bit on my sock, but it just was not the same, nor was any of my family as impressed with my sock as the Guild. Again, back to reality.
I am going to get busy with my chores for the day, no morning session for me!


Nancy said...

I think a moring seesion should be in order if you are not at work. I may even go home and try to get in a bit of knitting today. I am going to bring my crayon box sweater sleeve in and show it off to everyone at work. Back to work and off to home to do some laundry and crowd control.

CT said...

My sock is coming along nicely. I think a one leggeded person will appreciate it! Thanks for talking it up with GBT yesterday, she asked to see it!