Thursday, June 21, 2007

Part 2 of the Knitting Retreat

The lupines were in full bloom. And this particular hillside was blanketed with them.

Senior Citizen Sex
Let it be known that CT does not want to watch movies with Senior Citizen Sex. The movie “Something’s Gotta Give” was not, I repeat, not a hit. Next year we will have to screen all the movies a little more closely. And we will have to finish watching "The Quiet Man." There was a power outage and missed 1/2 of the movie.

Lawnmower Lullaby
Most morning we had our morning knitting session out on the porch. It was beautiful. Sitting in the porch, sunshine, waves lapping at the shore, birds singing. Friday morning the lawn boys showed up to mow. Soon dust was flying, so we decided to eat an early lunch. ASJ stayed out on the porch to knit a bit more. After we had everything on the table CT went to get her and she was sound asleep. It seems that the sound of lawn mowers is very soothing to our friend ASJ and it puts her right to sleep! She slept a little bit and then came and joined us for lunch.

The Frugal Knitter
ASJ’s new nickname. He Indian Name as you may or may not know is “She Who Knit’s Twice.” Due to her propensity to rip and re knit. We decided while she was ripping the sleeve off the pullover AGAIN, she is a Frugal Knitter. If you don’t have much money, just knit it, rip it, and knit it again. This works well for process knitters. However I do feel I should mention that since ASJ did not think that she would be able to gain ten pounds only in her arms, ripping it out did seem to be the correct choice.

To Koigu or Not to Koigu
CT never thought much of the socks she knit. She said it was not her forte so to speak. While on our little day trip to the cities she vowed to knit one more pair of socks, and if it didn’t work she was done with socks. She them proceeded to by sock yarn for two pairs of socks (yeah I know). Any way . . . I convinced her that good sock yarn is a must. “Steph says knit a pair of socks with Koigu.” I say it’s addictive. Sock in progress. She finished it at home yesterday . . . . she loves it. Need I say more?

Alcohol Consumed
Sangria, Parrot Bay Wine Coolers, Margaritas. And all of the knitting still looks good, no gapping holes!

Projects Completed
Annie finished a beautiful pair of socks. I completed a rib warmer! NK ran out of yarn to finish her last two rows of her Teddy Bear Jacket. Not too worry . . . she had more yarn at home! And as soon as it is done it will be on the blog!

Part three . . . tomorrow!

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