Saturday, May 19, 2007

Whoa, new bathroom!

So the CF people finally returned our counter top, we picked it up first thing this morning. We picked out flooring and got our plumbing supplies for 2 (yeah 2) sinks. The floor went in really easy and quick. The cabinet looks great and the plumbing of 2 sinks is almost done. If I knew how to work the digital camera better I would post a picture, but alas I don't. As of right now, I would say the remodel is 70% done. It will take me several hours to clean our bedroom and the bathroom after all this renovation.

I finished the body of my top down cardigan Thursday night. Little knitting therapy after baseball and soccer. I went to put the sleeves on, but I did not have 12 inch size 8 needle (who knew with all the needles I have). I did find one at Michael's so I am about 1 inch into the sleeve. I knit a little last night while MMT was at the big 8th grade grad at South.

We are now off to the first rounds of grad parties for the class of 2007.

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