Friday, May 25, 2007

Guild Approval: In Defense of Memory Loss

Ok, I'm writing to defend myself from a previous insinuation that I have violated Guild rules and have not sought Guild approval for a certain son's plans to leave the country. In my defense:
a) I do realize that ignorance of the law is no excuse, but my copy of the Guild Rules seems to be missing. Must have been sold for yarn money. A collector's item.
b) Even if I had (known about the law), I would have forgotten
c) Said child leaving the country is, ahem, a BOY. Do they deserve Guild conversation?
d) Said child has been out of my home for nearly 2 years. Out of sight, out of mind. Mostly, just out of mind (mine).
e) We had a long dry spell with not nearly enough Guild meetings. If something happens in my life and someone is not there to hear about it within an hour or two, the happening zooms right out of my brain. I cannot be held accountable for things I can't remember.
f) When discussing the travel to England with the boy, it didn't cross my mind to think of the trip in terms of loss of yarn money. What was I thinking???? One of the purposes of the Guild is to continue to remind each other that it's ALL about the yarn money. Again: What was I thinking? My children should not even attend college. They should go directly to work to assist in compete support of their mom's yarn habit.
g) Yes, da UP is as foreign of a country as England. Guild approval required. Even to return.

I'm sure there are more letters in the alphabet, and they all deserve to be noted. However, it is, a "little" late........let's just say you've all been asleep for quite some time.

So, give me a break and I promise I'll start writing down information to share at Guild meetings in the future. Oh wait, that's a lie. I'll never remember to write things down! However, I'll do my best, but don't be alarmed if this type of thing happens again. After all, I did wheedle my way in.........................

Happy Friday everyone. Happy Memorial Day weekend. I'll offer a full report on the status of the Staples Dairy Queen next week.


CB said...

You sold your book for yarn money!!
Hmmm . . . how much did you get?

CT said...

You make very valid arguments, but don't go getting any crazy ideas about visiting him while he is gone. That would not only require Guild approval, but Guild assistance.