Thursday, May 10, 2007

Feels like Summer

Oh, yeah, it feels like summer, and that can mean only one thing: the ISLAND! I'm dreaming of Island time: Knit - Eat - Knit and laugh - Eat and laugh - Knit and laugh - Eat and walk or laugh - Knit and laugh - Eat - Knit and watch movies - Sleep in the best bed ever - never come home. Oooh baby. Life doesn't get much better.

I'm frantically trying to finish my sweater pre-island, because it's getting too stinkin' hot to knit a sweater. I'm gonna have to start on socks, mittens and slippers for these warm days and nights. My sweater is coming along nicely though. I decided not to knit off of alternating skeins, and I really like the way the colors are pooling. It's looking rather funky. But, listen up Guild: remind me to never ever ever knit a sweater on anything smaller than a size 10 needle. I'm getting tendonitis from those tiny things. And it takes forever. I am too adhd to deal with such slow progress. And since my name is "knits (way more than) twice", well, you get the picture.


CT said...

I hear you AJ, thoughts of the Island are all that keep me going most days. I am trying to get my sweater done before the Island. why do I cast on sweaters? I get all excited, then I get bogged down. Ugh!
We need to get together and order our yarn for the vest. (no sleeves, good thinking!)

Nancy said...

I to am thinking of the ISLAND. Am not sure if I am going to finish a sweater before the island but will start a new project on the island since I am chief half sweater and do not want to lose that name. I shall have to work on some projects.
We shall remind to knit only on big needles for sweaters from now on. Can you say igloo sweater?