Tuesday, May 15, 2007

No Bathroom

Hip Hip Hooray! We got the email we had been waiting for! Our counter top had finally arrived and we could pick it up. So off we went tonight to pick up our beautiful counter top with double sinks. We picked it up, and went around to the front to pick up the new flooring. We were so excited that we could not wait until we got home to see our new counter top, so we opened it in the parking lot. Only to discover that we did not have our counter top, but some ho bathroom. It had rose basins and Hollywood rope lights (we all know what people do with Hollywood rope lights--with a brass finish no less). As the magnitude of the situation sank in we went back to the special order door to try to straighten out the mess. Long story short, someone in CF has our beautiful counter top and we have nothing.


CB said...

You have got to be kidding! Rope light counter tops? Well, how interesting for you. A "Slutty Bathroom." Not everyone has one of those. Your counter top seems to be jinxed. How long till you get the correct counter top???

Nancy said...

Wish I had one of those countertops. DJK would not do to well with it. Maybe in the downstairs bathroom. the lights could act as a nightlight?