Sunday, May 20, 2007


Did I miss a Guild meeting?
Imagine my surprise last night, when I was chatting with FB mom extraordinaire and she told me her son was studying in London next fall. I said, what will happen to his roommate (son #2 of Guild member ASJ). FB mom said "oh he is going too!" Hold on now, stop the knitting! Did I miss a Guild meeting? Having a college age student study abroad is something that REQUIRES guild approval. Let me site our bylaws: section(s) on children: subsection A: relationships: including bfs, exbfs and bffs. B: college C: travel. Specifically: College: No guild member child may attend a college or participate in any college activities that could in any way diminish the Guild members YARN MONEY.
This is my personal opinion, but I think a child studying in LONDON is a violation (I know GBT in MI might be a violation too--as no state really wants the UP of Michigan). However, sending your child to a country where the money is measured in pounds is a problem.
I move that the Guild meet and determine if said adventure for ASJ son #2 will indeed have an adverse effect on her yarn money.

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