Sunday, January 06, 2008

World's Fastest Mitten Knitter

Over Christmas, ZT asked me to knit a pair of mittens for his English teacher (hers were stolen off her desk at school). So I used the red cascade 220 I bought at YD and knit her a pair of red and black snowflake mittens over break. She was so thankful for the mittens she wore them through the office at school telling everyone she saw. Needless to say I got several "will you make me mittens?" from my colleagues. GBT came on Wednesday to have lunch with me, the receptionist make such a big deal over the mittens it was embarrassing. GBT says, oh they take no time at all, I will knit you a pair before I move. (remember this is Wednesday). GBT promptly went home, cast on mittens and began to knit them. She used the purple flecked cascade 220 I got at Color Crossing. She finished the purple and white snowflake mittens Friday night after dinner. 2 days to knit a pair of mittens. I think that is a record! Certainly should be one if it isn't.
GBT is now in Green Bay, we drove her over on Saturday and got her all moved in with my old friend from college. We unpacked her, had a couple of beverages, had dinner at a way cool restaurant called Ho Hut (pronounced who hot). We drove home today in that nasty fog and have started the box to send to GBT of all the stuff she forgot.
I am working on another pair of the black and blue mittens for the coach of the ECA Stars. Knitting mittens in the car is not as much fun as you might think.

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