Thursday, January 24, 2008

Surprise in Deed!

Surprised that the class is so successful. Really who knew. Thank God for ASJ and JO. But I can’t wait for our last class, I want to see all of those cute little jackets. I plan on taking lot’s of photos of all those Baby Surprise Sweaters! Thanks also goes to my friends NK & CT for signing up for the class. I was thinking it would be a class of two, with three teachers! What a shock that we ended up with 28 students. Good thing there were three of us.

I am thrilled with my little sweater. It’s from Schaefer Yarn, Miss Priss colorway. I bought the yarn about four years ago in Duluth at Yarn Harbor. I had no real plan for it. It was one of those, "I have to have that yarn," purchases. I would have been perfectly happy just to stroke it forever, but I thought this would be a good fit.

The buttons are not what I was looking for (I couldn't find what I was looking for) but these really look quite lovely. The Girl helped pick them out, although she seemed much more interested in the fleece that was on sale, then helping pick out buttons.

And then there are socks. Man I love socks. So I have been knitting, and knitting socks. And now that I am done with the EZ’s Baby Surprise Sweater I can concentrate on socks! The light green with brown accents are Koigu (photo would not upload *&^% blogger) , the muted colors teal, apricot, darkish red are Cherry Tree Hill, and finally the greens are Fleece Artist. The Koigu and Fleece Artist colors are really encouraging my Spring Fever. I am so ready for April and really I am so sick of the cold (and February has not even started)!

I am thinking big projects again. Contemplating something with cables. I keep looking and looking for the perfect cable cardigan, I just have not found the pattern. I am looking for simple cables (by that I mean not too busy), maybe body only, ribbed sleeves, something subtle and chic. Oh well I will just keep looking.

By the way. I stumbled across this site and I found this recpie for steak sandwhiches. The family LOVED THEM . . . thanks Ree! I can't remember how I ever got to that page. I didn't use as much of the W juice as recommended (my family is not a real big fan of it) but I used enough to give it a sassy taste. They have all requested that I make them again real soon. Could be a lake item for Knitting Camp!

Yarn trip in February, yarn, food and fun. I can’t wait.

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Cursing Mama said...

Have you seen the new store mentioned by Deb @ wound too tight?

Your sweater is divine!