Saturday, January 19, 2008

A surprise indeed

Baby Surprise all right, it will be a total surprise if I finish this project and it actually turns out to be a baby sweater. It all started when I bought my yarn and did not have it swifted at the store. MMT and I tried to wind one skein of it into a ball. Huge mistake, 2 1/2 hrs later we have a ball of yarn. Next I cast on the sweater so I could knit all the way to Rochester. (The boy was swimming). I got in the car, picked up my knitting only to discover that the needles I had cast the sweater onto, had been chewed by Dax (why didn't I toss those needles is the question and or why do we still have this dog?). My husband who is driving scared out of his wits because now I have 2 hours that I could knit, but can't knit, promised he would find a store to buy new needles. Like that is going to happen, Durand? Plainview? Yeah right. So when we arrived at the swim meet, he got out his knife and began to whittle down my needle and repair it so I could knit. What a good husband (or scared husband). I knit and knit and knit on the sweater until Tuesdays class trying to catch up. Only to get to class and find out I had made an error way back on something like row 4. So I ripped the whole thing out. I re cast on the sweater on Thursday night and started over again. I am back to about row 17 or 18, and so far so good. But like I said, I will be surprised if this thing is a baby sweater when and if I finish.

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CB said...

Hey, you are an AWESOME knitter. I am sure your sweater will turn out beautiful!