Sunday, December 30, 2007

5,940 Stitches Wasted

No that I was counting or anything! Really. Denial is a powerful thing, so is stupidity. I started my second sock on Friday night. I finished the first one at MJ's Knit Fest. An annual tradition, where I won a gift card to the local LYS (so did the other two chicks in attendance). So I cast on the second sock on Friday. On Saturday I picked it up intending to make great progress. It wasn't striping like the previous sock. "It will catch on," yeah right. Last night in a fit of anger I ripped 5,940 stitches and started over this morning. Grrr. However, now with only two more sets of 10 to go, it is striping correctly. Back to my knitting!

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CT said...

Ok, CB, not to be a brat or anything, but I did a little math. In a mitten, there are around 5,000 stitches (per mitten, 10,000 for the pair). In an inch of my sock there are over 800 stitches. So multiply that by 8 inches for the cuff alone and you get about 6500 stitches. This is why I knit mittens and whine the entire time I am working on my socks. However I have worked on my sock most of the afternoon and I have a whopping 5 inches done of the cuff. UGH!