Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Oh my . . .

It's been interesting, that's for sure. Let's see.

  • NK has been in the hospital twice since the beginning of the year, for heart related issues. This is not good and a deep concern for us all.

  • ASJ & myself (and our intrepid friend JO) are teaching a knitting class (baby surprise sweater). Please note the JO is doing most of the instructing. ASJ and I assist as needed.

  • CT has had to move a child to Green Bay, and transport MT hither and yon for soccer, and travel hither and yon for ZT's swim meets (he's a senior). I will let her post about the fact she was on her way to a meet and discovered the dog had been teething on her needles.

  • Holidays, holiday knitting, relatives, approaching the end of semester in high school, college application, college financial aid forms.

We need a collective nap (yes, I am whiny). We are however, looking forward to our February trip. We changed it to the cities. Closer, faster, more stores, etc. There are some stores we have not made it to as of yet "Depth of Field," "Yarn Garage," "Knitin from the Heart." And some stores that we want to stop by again. Borealis is one, and we have not been to Cold Water Collaborative for a long time (only once actually, during the first hop).

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Cursing Mama said...

I think our tc knit group has a map of all the yarn shops ---- it could be dangerous in the correct hands.