Monday, October 29, 2007

Princess Half-done

I think I need a new Indian knitting name. Princess half-done. My half sweater is half done (or does that really mean 1/4 done?) My socks for the KAL are half done. Perhaps someone with one arm and one leg will enjoy them?? My papers that need to be graded are half done. My laundry is half done (only because I had to go back and re wash what I had already washed-so should count for all done) But, the porch is DONE! Done I say, trim and all! I foresee many Guild events in the porch next summer. Guild meetings, ribs and porn nights, mojito knitting sessions, oh the possibilities are endless.
As for the trip to Chippewa Falls on Saturday, it was a great little yarn shop, of course they had my favorite Kathmandu! I really wanted to by some bulky alpaca (ASJ and I want Alpacas for Christmas--hint hint). Lunch at Lucy's Deli was very tasty, I am thinking a few short yarn hops for the Guild this winter.

I am really excited for Saturday, yarn shopping and lunching with my favorite buddies. I can hardly wait. Starbucks (by Shopko) 8am for coffee and on the road by 8:30? Roberts, Yarnery, Borialis Knits and 3 Kittens? Lunch, we can't forget lunch (NK and I have already decided to share again)! Call me if you want Guild pick up service.


Jane said...

Have a wonderful trip!!! Sounds like utopia.

ASJ said...

Friends, yarn, lunch, ice cream, and dessert. Ooh baby, it's soooo fine!