Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Four Highschool Seniors does not lend it self to Blogging or Knitting

Or "this is our excuse for dropping the blogging ball." We have all be negligent. But each of has a senior, three of the four were involved in fall sports. Then CT and I were the co chairs for the Pasta Football Feeds (there were eight), and thank God they are over. There has been little time for knitting or blogging. I have finished my socks for the KAL. I have not posted their photo as of yet, but they are complete!

November 3 we boogie to the cities for the day for some much needed "guild" time, yarn shopping and our favorite restaurant. Not coming soon enough. Actually considering I just spent a small fortune on The Boy’s photo’s (he is totally gorgeous), I am shocked I have any money at all for yarn.

I haven’t really started any BIG projects, mostly small, socks, mittens, scarves. Although I do have the Interweave pattern for that totally cool shawl (I am contemplating it). CT had to knit with really bad yarn (ask her about it) and now that same person wants her knit to knit more with the really bad yarn. NK is almost done with her sweater (Chief Half Sweater). And if you read ASJ's entry, she is up to her eyeballs in scarves!

Tomorrow evening we have "Purly Gates" ASJ and I have taken that group on with the support of CT and NK (NK even volunteered to bring the treats). Thank you! It was one of those groups at our church that would have fallen by the wayside with the resignation of our "Yarn Teacher" Pastor. And the ladies in the group did not want to disband, so we did the honorable thing, took a step forward, and said sure. We can do this. Sit and knit. No problem.

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CT said...

I had a blog entry all ready, but CB you beat me to it.
I now know why NK is a CHIEF and I a mere princess. That crazy 1/2 sweater pattern is not easy. Yikes, I am up to my eyeballs. I have one sock for the knit a long nearly done, but I fear I won't make it by the Oct. 31 cut off.
The ishy project is going to be the end of my knitting career. Can you even believe my bad luck??? More mittens and another hat. God save me.
I must rush off to make dinner Uncle Gene and Aunt Ernie are coming from Toad Lake tonight. :)