Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Power Knitting Shoppers...or is it Knitting Power Shoppers?

The trip to the various yarn stores in the cities was a success. Especially if you count a great lunch at Cafe Latte' and a stop at a (new-to-me) Dairy Queen! Was I thrilled to find that, or what!?! Four crazy women (one of whom pulled the silent-laughing trick at least twice), maneuvered their way through three yarn stores (tried to find a 4th store, but found a DQ instead) and a purse store, and we were even home for supper.....now that's power shopping at its finest. CB bought a new purse at the designer purse knock-off store, so she's sporting a new bag and looking quite stunning, I must say. I'm totally loving my new circular needle holder, and I'm inspired to finish my fair isle mittens, so I can start on some more. I've kind of ditched the scarf theme for the time being, and am back on mittens. I figured it would happen sooner or later, but I did get bored with my scarves, and now they're just there to be picked up for mindless knitting. Still working (no, laboring) on my socks.......and I did NOT buy any more sock yarn! Tempted as I was, I didn't get sucked in, even at the 15% off price. We got all the yarn swifted, so I can't wait for the next trip!

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Cursing Mama said...

No photos of the goods or the trip?