Sunday, October 14, 2007

Socks,Scarves, and more Scarves

So, as I participate in the sock knit-along, I realize that I'm just not a huge fan of knitting socks. It's tough to not like knitting socks. I love sock yarn, I realize the portability factor of the sock-in-progress, but I have to admit, I haven't found CB's passion for socks. Not even a partial passion. Mittens are ok, I dig the felted stuff, but I haven't completely found my knitting niche.........or is that knitting kniche? Until now. At this moment in time, I'm a scarf knitter. One of the reasons I like scarves is that one size fits all (or most, anyway), so I'm not relegated to the infernal knit-and-rip for which I'm so famous. Also, it seems to go well with my a.d.d. knitting style. So, this past week, I spent all my knitting time making scarves. I have now completed 6 scarves since August, and I have 3 more cast on, just waiting for the right moment (I have to be in a scarf mood) for me complete them. The scarves are being knit for the "Scarf Project", a community event which calls on people to knit scarves which are distributed to the Cancer Centers in town. The scarves are then given to people undergoing cancer treatment. The nurses bring the container of scarves into the chemotheraphy rooms, so that patients can select their own scarves. My mother-in-law received a scarf last year, and she told me that it warmed much more than her neck - it warmed her soul. Previously, I didn't much enjoy knitting scarves, since I found them to be a little, well, boring. Plus, I'm not a huge fan of the fritzy (that's a technical term) yarns. In my "adventures with knitting", after I graduated from scarves into other, more interesting knitting patterns, I haven't truly enjoyed knitting scarves, until now. Now, with each scarf I knit, I pay tribute to my special friend who died of cancer last February. Just like with prayer shawls, I feel like I am knitting a piece of her spirit into each stitch, as I pray that these scarves will bring some comfort and joy into the lives of the cancer patient who receives the scarf. Things do change, don't they? I'm sure I'll be sick of scarf knitting soon, but it's good therapy for me now. Knitting warms the knitter as well as the "knittee" (that's another technical term).

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CB said...

Ohhh ASJ! I think you found your Knitting Niche!