Sunday, October 07, 2007

Princess GBT

Again another trip to Houghton. I swore off that drive in August when I moved her up to da UP. But, MMT and I went up for MTU Homecoming and our Princess Picksnclicks is still our little princess. The day was cold, rainy, foggy and down right nasty. I felt sorry for her out there in the dress and heels for the coronation. The beauty of being the princess (they actually said her name as princess, although she has always been a princess to me), she got to leave right after half time, the King and Queen had to stay. Excellent planning on her part.

MMT and I survived the trip, I did have to stop on the way home for ice cream, she could not take the car another minute. We did not get to the little yarn store yesterday, so my knitting fix had to come from working on my sock in the hotel last night and this morning.


Nancy said...

Glad to hear the GBT is the princess that she should be. Happy to be home and missed everyone. :)

CB said...

Princess Pick & Click! Congraulations! CT you get extra merit points (MMT too) for going up and back for coronation.

ASJ said...

Princess GBT looks as lovely as ever! Brings tears to my eyes...our little princess all grown up. Glad you and Marit could go and be a part of the day. Next year, you'll have to knit her a dress for the event.