Sunday, August 26, 2007

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Sadly we have left CT blogging on her own. We have been delinquent. Sorry. Here look at the pictures of my pretty socks! See how the match the impatiens! Simple socks for The Girl. She loves the color and I love them too. If I knit diligently today, I will finish them. But no hurry, it really is not sock weather and she just left to spend a week at her Aunt's. I have been knitting, just not blogging.

I do have favor to ask though. CT's senior son is having surgery on Tuesday. So we need all the good thoughts and prayers you can send for her boy and the family. ZT dislocated his shoulder at the football scrimmage. Not only did he dislocate it, but he damaged his ligaments and tendons, and tore all of the cartilage. No more football for ZT his senior year. Which is too sad for words. He also swims, so let's pray that his recovery is speedy and that he can get in a little swim time. PLEASE. This really sucks big time for his senior year, so we will take all the prayers we can. Here look at my pretty morning glories and think good thoughts and say a quick prayer. Ready, set go! Thank you . . . from your lips to God's ears.

Okay, remember the dreaded pink cardigan. Jane this photo is for you. The Girl in her bohemian type cardigan. Actually, it looks very nice on her, and she loves it. So that is a plus. Unfortunately, she is a bit rough on it and I found a snag I need to fix already. (It appeared at the photo shoot). I am not sure but I think she dug it out of the bottom of her closet before I took the photo. She is a teenager whose clothes most of the time are on her bedroom floor. I would have included a photo of the felted pouch with needle felting but she took it with her when she left. An hour or so ago.

I have another photo (many photos today). My jacket I finished last year. I am in a quandary and am in the need of advice. Simply put, it is too big. Now I have a couple of choices. One I could rip it all out and start over, two I could felt it a bit and pray. Any thoughts or comments are very welcome here. I absolutely love this yarn. Classic Elite Waterspun (discontinued) and a beautiful Schaefer yarn with tans, greens and browns. Really, I don't know what to do. I seamed it all, but I never blended in then ends because I was unsure.

What's on my needles, just socks and my Norwegian mittens. I love my socks though, check these out. Claudia hand painted yarns. I love these colors. Oh and I did finish my cable socks with the Claudia yarns also. See . . . I have been knitting. We have also been knocking back a few of those Bacardi Silver Mojitos. If you have not tried them, you really should they are quite excellent. Also three of the four seniors have had their senior photos takes and they have all turned out beautifully . . . ASJ needs to get her girl in soon, now that her hair has grown out enough from her last unfortunate haircut (her words not mine). Back to school in a week. Oh my did this summer fly by fast.

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CT said...

CB you have been a busy knitter, also so your gardens and backyard are beautiful.

Thanks for the prayers for ZT