Friday, August 24, 2007

Long sad week

When last I posted to the blog it was sunny and I was headed off to the football scrimmage, well let me tell you it was quite a scrimmage and it has been quite a week. I was excited for the scrimmage, the boy is a senior and finally has secured his spot on the O line. CB, Ronbo and I watched the scrimmage and chatted. During the final round of the scrimmage they did D first and O second. I almost left the scrimmage to go home and get dinner organized for the guild dinner, but then I thought, oh I will stay in case they run the O again, I can watch the boy. As it turned out, 3 plays from the end of the scrimmage there was a player down on the field. Ronbo (ever the observant fan) said "CT, I think that is the boy down there" CB and I stopped gabbing to check it out. Yes, no, yes, no. Finally the player got up and was helped to the sidelines. Yep, it was the boy. He had dislocated his shoulder. Great. The trainer, said she thought he would be out 2 to4 weeks, but we needed to see the Sports Medicine doctors. So we took the boy on Saturday. The examined him, x rayed him and did an MRI. From there we made an appointment with another Sports Medicine doctor for Monday. The news on Saturday was not good, but depending on the MRI results, it could be ok. On Monday, the MRI results were not good. The season was over and surgery loomed in the very near future. We let the boy decide if how to proceed. Try to re-hab and maybe play a little at the end of the season, try to re-hap and just get ready for swim, or have surgery now and be done with it and re-hab for swim. The football coaches (as did the doctor) felt surgery now was the best option. Waiting to see how the re-hab went in the hopes of playing a little at the end of the season was just extending the amount of time in a sling, also the physical nature of football could (would probably) mean re injury. So on Tuesday the boy is having the repair surgery. He is doing better than mom and dad at this point. Most of the team is treating him great, but there are a few on the team that need to grow up a bit. (That is a mom opinion there).
While the boy and the husband were at the clinic on Saturday I occupied my time with knitting my sock (and laundry). There is one little spot where I lost my mind while knitting and purling, but it adds texture, that is my story. NK gave me the pattern for the teddy bear half sweater and ASJ went with me to get more Kathmandu ( I know I do not need more Kathmandu, but it always seems I do). So I am all set for surgery on Tuesday, I can work on my socks, mittens for MMT's swim pal or the newest sweater project. That should keep my mind occupied so I don't worry too much (CB has helped me through the depression and anger phases of this whole ordeal). However, the injury has over shadowed the real issue----I have to go back to work on Tuesday, 3 days of in-service and then the kids arrive on the 4th. Yikes, my knitting time will be severely affected! But the notion of going back to work is taking a back seat to getting the boy through surgery and rehab. What a way for him to start out his senior year!

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