Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Wednesday afternoon yarn hop

ASJ and I had the best yarn adventure today. ASJ has pulled a CT and is running out of yarn on her current project. So I felt I should go with her, since she helped me this spring while I was in crisis. We left shortly after noon for Borealis Yarns in St. Paul, as an added treat MMT decided to join us. ( I am such a proud mom, her first yarn adventure!). I did not know until we go on the road that we had to (or should I say got to) stop at the Yarnery for CB. (yippee, they have Koigu). $65.00 later (I bought yarn for 2 pairs of socks, this from the woman who was only going to knit one more pair of socks, 2 pairs ago). We moved on to Borealis Yarns to find the yarn AJ needed, they only sort of had what she needed, so they sent us to 3 Kittens. (this is becoming a yarn hop) 3 Kittens did have something that will work, not perfectly, but with a little ASJ creativity it will work in a pinch. Off to Color Crossing in Roberts! They were able to help ASJ even more, so the entire trip was a total success!!! How fun for a 1/2 day adventure? We even stopped at the Baldwin DQ, and filled up on less expensive MN gas ($2.83 a gallon---and I think that is reasonable compared to $3.14 here) and made our yarn delivery to CB by 6pm. What an afternoon.
Now I am going to start a new project (NK are you proud of me--I have 2 projects going and going to start a 3rd). MMT had me buy a pattern and yarn for a felted bag.

PS: We checked and the hop is on for this fall--probably the first weekend in Oct. Mark you calendars now girls.


Confessions of a Knitting Diva said...

I was in St. Paul yesterday too. Drove right past Roberts on my way to New Richmond to see my mom. I always wondered the name of the store in Roberts, now I know. I'll have to stop there sometime. We probably passed each other on I94. Glad ASJ will be able to finish her sweater.

Nancy said...

I am very proud of you for starting another project. You can never have enough different things on your needles...... See you later to PSSO

ASJ said...

4 yarn stores, the drive to and from, and a DQ stop, all in 6 hours! We rock! It was a great yarn adventure, and made me soooooo excited for the yarn hop! I was also very proud of CT - planning to start multiple projects! NK is our idol.