Sunday, July 15, 2007

857 miles

857, that is how many miles I put on GBT'S Honda CRV this weekend.
Friday I left for Toad Lake (just shy of 300 miles). I stayed Friday night with Uncle Gene and Aunt Ernie, we had a lovely happy hour on the shores of Toad Lake, took a walk, watched the Twins game and visited (even though I had just seen them). Saturday Aunt Ernie and I played, we canoed, took the boat out for an hour and a half and took a long walk. Then I left Toad Lake for Fargo (80 miles) to meet up with my cousin MaryKay. We then headed off to Jamestown ND (100 miles) to watch her son in law ride broncos in a rodeo. We got home about 11pm. MMT and I got up this morning, drove from Fargo to Grand Forks, collected the boy from UND Aerospace camp and proceeded to drive home.
Friday: 5 hours in car
Saturday 5 hours in the car (1. 5 driving 3.5 passenger)
Sunday: 8 hours in the car (7 driving 1 passenger)
The poor little CRV!

NK: Have fun at Family camp, we will miss you and look forward to seeing you at church next Sunday.
CB: Welcome home from The Island, I yelled at the girl as we drove past your house, I hope I did not scare her!
ASJ: We need to get together to compare vests and to discuss the merits of UND (not!).

Aslo, were we in some sort of violation of Guild bylaws? Can we legally go so long between meetings and doesn't our bylaws state that a majority of the membership needs to be in the same state at all times? We have been pretty spread out the last few weeks!

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