Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Good days and bad days

That what you get, good days and bad days, today I had both wrapped up into one. Let's start with the good. At 10am I met 3 of my teacher friends at Borders, I taught all 3 of these women to knit this year, and what good students they are. They are already felting and knitting top down sweaters. I did not even attempt my first top down sweater until this year! Sheesh. Anyway, today they all wanted to learn 2 color mittens (fair isle knitting). Now a couple of years ago when NK came up with this hair brained idea, I was the chick who kept saying "I can't to this, I can't do this", but actually I can and I enjoy it. They all decided to knit the January mitten. They all caught on to the purl cast on and the 2 rows of braided purling in the cuff. When we ended out session all 3 were 5 or 6 rows in to the cuff and really doing quite well. We are meeting again on Aug. 1 to share our projects.

Now on to the bad part of the day. It actually started yesterday. Even though I told the boy no, he took the dogs to Lowes Creek to play. The 3 of them played and had fun all afternoon, except Reggie came home limping. So I did the reasonable thing and gave him baby aspirin and put him on the heat pad. When he was no better this morning the husband and I agreed he needed to see the vet. I could hear the little credit card machine in my brain before we even got there, cha ching. It turns out Reggie has blown his ACL. Yes, my dog has a sports injury. Go figure?!?! The sort of good news is he is under 30 pounds, so surgery is not the first course of treatment. Rest and limited activity is the treatment for now. (Didn't I have one on bed rest just a couple of weeks ago???). If in 6 weeks, he is not 100% then surgery is the treatment plan ($1400.00 surgery!!). So far in July I have spent $ 625.00 at the vet. That is a whole lot of yarn money spent on the furry members of the family. I wonder if I can flex this? It is a health care expense---right?


Confessions of a Knitting Diva said...

Hope your dogs get better soon. I didn't know you had three dogs!! Wow!

anniej said...

Of all the rotten luck. Guild rule #457: No animal shall require care for which payment of said care exceeds the value of yarn currently available for knitting in the household caring for the animal. Translation: If you don't have $1400 of yarn in your house, your dog can't receive $1400 of vet care. It only makes sense.

CB said...

Ouch . . . I hope the meds work. That's a lot of yarn money.