Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Dumb Knitter

Good thing there wasn't an IQ requirement for the Guild. I would never have made the cut. Even if the bar were set real low, I'm sure my IQ is lower. So, here's the problem: I have run out of yarn, with only 1 cuff and neck finishing left on my top-down V-neck sweater made out of the pretty pink varigated yarn. The one that I've knit and re-knit several times? Yeah that's the one. And that's only part of the problem. The other part is this: I have no idea what kind of yarn it is, as I can't find the label anywhere, nor do I even remember where I purchased this yarn. (I'm sure it was on one of our yarn adventures, but we adventured into many yarn shops) So, I figure my best option is to cut off my right hand. Oh wait, then I can't knit. Perhaps I could tear out several inches from the bottom of the sweater, making it into a very short sweater like the teenage girls wear, and that would look darn good on me. Well, I have time to ponder this problem as I've taken a little vacay from knitting, since I have poison ivy on my knitting hand and it's driving me nuts. Dumb AND crazy. Quite the combo.


CT said...

Oh, AJ you have pulled a CT, that is my favorite trick. Remember the emergency trip to Roberts for kathmandu? I do remember the shop, not the name where you bought that yarn, it was the one when CB went crazy for the all the sock yarn.

CB said...

Oh if you go please bring back samples. Better yet. I will send you with money for a skein of brown koigu!