Wednesday, February 06, 2008


The Baby Surprise Class is done! Here is the proof! Unfortunately with that snow day cancellation we had a LOT of students who couldn’t make it for the re-scheduled last session (15). We also took a knitting poll, trying to find out what kind of classes people want. Going over those surveys will be fun. And there is interest in starting from scratch again with Knitting 101.

In the mean time I have been working on socks, knit a hat for Ronbo (leftover Cascade 220), fingerless mittens (leftover Hauk) for The Girl and some dishcloths, etc. I will be looking for some yarn for a bigger project while in the cities. I do have many, many patterns, trying to decide what I should knit may be a process of elimination. I am thinking something light weight, for spring and fall, maybe cotton, maybe not. I really have not knit anything large from cotton. I kind of hesitate on that front. Cotton has no stretch, and can be heavy. Who knows.

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