Sunday, February 10, 2008

A Little too close for comfort

I got this great idea to make a pair of mittens out of the Cascade Quatro that I had left over ( I used it for the mittens for the boy's English teacher). I bought some winter white Lion Brand wool for contrast. Check out the tiny ball of yarn next to the mittens, I think I was cutting it a bit too close! But the good news, you can get 2 pairs of mittens from Cascade Quatro and 220, which makes the mittens fairly inexpensive to knit as gifts!


CB said...

Man can you whip thru those fast. She Who Knits Like the Wind is no misnomer! Can't wait to see them.

NK said...

You are to good and fast. I am still trying to finish the surprise baby sweater and my second pair of mittens along with the 1/2 sweater. Maybe some day?

GBT said...

Those are beautiful Mom! I wish you could put my awesome glove mittens on here, but I love the red snowflakes!!!