Friday, June 20, 2008

Pretty In Pink

Or at least I hope the baby will look cute in the sweater. It is my 3rd top down baby sweater and I think Iam done for awhile!

Since I missed the trip to Ettrick, I am hoping NK will sneak me down there some Friday when she is off. As for my own yarn stash, I have my Island project yarn left and that is all (ok , so I could knit one sweater out of some Katmandu I have since I ripped out the 1/2 sweater). But still, you can hardly call that a stash!!! One project---lame!

ZT still has one more week in Germany, MMT is in the grips of the travel soccer season and I am very tired of soccer. (bad mom!)

1 comment:

CB said...

Ahh she who knits like the wind, many times over!!! You should have brought your sweater to the meeting. I would have loved to seen it. And tell Marit I think the sleeve length looks good!